iOLS Commercial Vehicles

for Sustainable Mobility

Welcome to the World of Intelligent Onboard Loading Systems!

 iOLS is a globally patented technology that allows for onboard electric power generation without emissions by using the vertical movement of the mobile body. This allows for loading batteries onboard while driving or while loading freight. The system can be applied to all vehicles independent of the engine concept from e mobility to combustion.


The Invention

The iOLS technology was developed by Karl Salzmann. Karl is an acknowledged pioneer in the area of electric loading with a strong background in motor sports.

Karl Salzmann Inventor

Karl used his unique combination of areas of expertise from chassis layout to the science of electromagnetism. After years of testing and optimization the technology is ready to provide efficient, safe and emission free electric power on board of your vehicle.

Karl Salzmann was supported by several scientific advisors including Prof. Dr. Jörg Villwock.

Applying the basic principle of induction Karl focused on maximizing the number and scale of electromagnetic impulses. Based on his excellence in chassis construction he accomplished a flawless integration considering all aspects of safety, reliability and functionality.

Granted patents (e.g. WO2013097844A3, US10093142, DE102011057062A1, JP5993460B2, CN103958231B) form the backbone of the iOLS IP strategy.


Electric Eel

The bionic inspiration was given by the electric eel. This animal is capable of generating enormous voltages by using a high number of small impulses leading to high voltages.

This concept was successfully transferred to a highly efficient conversion of potential Energy into electric energy using optimized magnets, magnetic fluids and coils as well as a highly innovative transmission. Of course, iOLS is capable of generating constant current flow.

Karl Salzmann chassis concept with full integration of iOLS in e mobility

The Mission

iOLS Commercial Vehicles was founded to bring the iOLS technology to the Commercial Vehicles market. The company is creating value for Users, Integrators, System suppliers, Tier 1 and OEMs by supporting the integration of iOLS in different applications with the purpose of Sustainable Mobility!

The Market

iOLS is both simple in its integration and versatile in its use. This opens up a large number of applications and market segments. Especially the independence of the drive concept also gives a unique opportunity to penetrate the markets with a multi-step approach. iOLS will be a significant enabler for electromobility in all segments. Smaller battery packages and higher ranges are needed. And even in the case of more efficient battery concepts onboard loading with energy that is unused today remains the superior concept. However, a first step in benefiting from emission-free electric power generated on board will be taken with conventional combustion technology. 

Onion model of Goto Market Strategy

Particularly for users of Transporters, Trucks and Busses iOLS Commercial Vehicles will further reduce the entry barriers by offering a pay-per-use business model. The customer pays only for the electric power generated and enjoys immediate benefits in cost, emission reduction and mobile power without upfront investments and without technical or financial risk. 

The Scale Up

The intelligent onboard loading systems consist of highly standardized components. This allows for a high degree of automatization and quality control in line with industry standards like ISO TS 50001/2018, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.

iOLS Commercial Vehicles is proud to be supported by Weppler Filter for ramping up industrial manufacturing!

Stephan Weppler (Managing Director & Shareholder): „Weppler Filter is a global market leader for critical parts and supplier to Tier 1 Automotive customers like Bosch and Continental since 1935. We are delighted to support iOLS Commercial Vehicles as a Strategic Partner for Manufacturing of Onboard Loading Systems according to highest quality standards!“

Weppler Filter Oberursel / Germany: SIte 2

The Management

The company was founded by Dr. Stephan Glander, Valentin Vonder Mühll and Dr. Jan Wildberger in Baar Switzerland in October 2020.

Stephan Glander Co-Founder, Supervisory Board

SG_Intro_1_1.pdf (282.42KB)
SG_Intro_1_1.pdf (282.42KB)

Valentin Vonder Mühll Co-Founder, CFO

VVM Intro.pdf (300.07KB)
VVM Intro.pdf (300.07KB)

Jan Wildberger Co-Founder, Supervisory Bord

JW_Intro.pdf (320.29KB)
JW_Intro.pdf (320.29KB)