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Cooling Vehicles

Efficient Food and Pharma logistics are essential for health and safety in modern societies. Improved cold chains are key to prevent food waste. However the significant demand for onboard power is still mainly covered by diesel combustion. The industry is working on solutions for electric cooling which has significant advantages in operating costs, emissions, noise and practical use. Regulations in the US and Europe will further restrict the use of Diesel-based cooling. 

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) requires all owners of cooling vehicles to register and all new vehicles need to meet stricter requirements by 2022. By 2025 the emissions need to be reduced to zero.
Similar legislation is expected for Europe.
This will only be possible with electric cooling and refrigeration.

 iOLS will allow for generating sufficient electric power onboard to run the entire cooling and even refrigeration carbon-emission free in normal use of the vehicle!

Today's upgrade systems suffer from high costs for batteries. iOLS will enable the cooling truck industry to reduce costs by using smaller batteries while also reducing or even eliminating the need for external charging.

Refrigerated Transporter in front of iOLS Commercial Vehicles Office

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