iOLS Commercial Vehicles

for Sustainable Mobility

What can iOLS Commercial Vehicles offer to you?

Empower your Vehicle - Fleet Owner

iOLS can be retrofitted to your vehicle. Your fleet becomes a power plant. Electric power will be generated when you operate your vehicles while driving and loading. The higher the load the more power will be generated. The integration is simple. No welding or drilling is required. The example of the Mecedes-Benz Sprinter can be transferred to all 3.5 tonnes light commercial vehicles but also for much heavier trucks the exact same standardized components are applied. 

Integration in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

All it takes to quantify the lifting capacity of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

In use iOLS does not change the driving behavior of the vehicle guaranteeing full safety for driver, passengers and freight! 

Empower Your System - Tier 1, System Supplier, Integrator, Retrofitter

Integration in Renault Zoe Integration in Renault Zoe

iOLS can supply your system with power. If your system (e.g. cooling or heating) requires power and uses the diesel engine iOLS offers a cheaper and emission free alternative. If you use a battery today iOLS can reduce system costs by lower capacities needed.

In retrofitting systems for the electrification of diesel vehicles iOLS can be integrated easily.

Empower Your Chassis - OEM, Tier 1

Full integration in a chassis is where the invention started. iOLS will show its full potential when integrated in a chassis of any Commercial Vehicle. For e mobility iOLS will give you a significant range extension at lower costs. Battery capacity reduction will offer not only cost advantages but also freedom of design and weight reduction.

Chassis concept with full iOLS integration

The Relevance for Sustainability

With its simplicity and versatility iOLS has a number of benefits:

  • Give existing diesel drive vehicles an emission reduced life
  • At least use unused energy in diesel vehicles to generate green emission free electric power
  • Support the electrification of diesel vehicles
  • Support more environmentally friendly onboard systems
  • Support the disruption in the mobility industry by providing extended ranges with less battery capacity in e mobility

Many options for Sustainable Mobility!