iOLS Commercial Vehicles

for Sustainable Mobility


Few industries are as much driven by efficiency as Logistics. On top programs like Green Fleet are gaining ground rapidly. iOLS can help to do both reduce operating costs and improve the carbon footprint!

iOLS allows to use energy your fleet is generating. Think of your vehicle or trailer as a power plant. Charge the APU (auxiliary power unit) or another battery or both.


Up to you if you use your access to mobile green electric power for

  • your drivers' comfort at stopovers
  • running your logistics center
  • charging a forklift battery

e forklift battery management

The higher the load you ship the higher the charging rate of iOLS. iOLS will generate electric power while driving and while loading. 

iOLS Commercial Vehicle also supports the full integration of the system into
e trucks. And the integration into upgrade systems.

Forklifts are an exciting application for iOLS. iOLS Commercial Vehicles is proactively looking for partners for the integration of the technology in e forklifts!