iOLS Commercial Vehicles

for Sustainable Mobility

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iOLS can supply your system with power. If your system (e.g. cooling or heating) requires power and uses the diesel engine. iOLS offers a cheaper and emission free alternative. Even for higher onboard energy consumption like refrigeration iOLS can provide more than enough electric power to avoid expensive and environmentally harmful fuel consumption. 

If you supply a battery based APU (auxiliary power unit) today iOLS can load the battery and again reducing diesel consumption and costs. iOLS can also replace the generator producing more than enough electric power to also charge the starter battery. 

A new derivative of the iOLS technology is the use of kinetic energy or torque! This is particularly valuable for improved axle systems since the energy generation exceeds the classic recuperation of breaking energy by far!

If your business model is electrification of diesel drive vehicles by retrofitting iOLS is a unique opportunity to integrate a technology in your system that allows you to reduce your battery costs, to create space for improved design and to significantly lower operating costs for your customers.

Plenty of of opportunities for System Integration!